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For those subjects  that just don't quite fit any of the other ones--haha

Welcome to all Visitors.--

Please note:  If and when I use caps. or underscore any of my posts---

Please know that I am attempting to " emphasize " only, and am NOT HOLLERING--OK?

  Please show all links or sourses of your info--Let 'er Rip.   Thanks, Landel

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Pepe sometimes gets a little talky Scotty!!--lol!
JUST ANOTHER STEPPING STONE--FOR THE GOVT. TO KEEP TRACK OF YOU!! Under the ruse of helping the underpaid Medical Doctors--YEAH RIGHT !!! 
The president IS Unconstitutional ! His whole agenda IS--SO THAT IS THE PROBLEM!
quite a pic there..
i think i see hairy arms and legs.. so - sarah's face cropped onto a male soccer player, cropped onto a make believe photo opportunity, on a stretch of beach obviously swept clean for the event..

but gotta like the thought behind it :~}
LOL, Larry. I saw that too but just wasn't going to mention it.
So what--I think it's a great photo--anywho!!!!   lol
Landel, she has done a lot of good for the Conservative base. Made a few mistakes but then who doesn't. I will keep how I feel quiet for the next year and see what happens. I think she would make a better VP but we will see how the next year goes. She is cute and vivacious and we need someone with a little energy that is for sure and someone who understands the Constitution!!
I like her gumshun( sp)?
I like it too!!! She doesn't back down and that is something that is needed. All we have in there now are those that are wishy-washy and go along with the crowds so to speak. What she says she means!!!
BTW, I think you mean gumption!!!LOL

Mickie, just checking the posts--saw were I missed this one--yep-

I meant gumption--of course- DUH-, see I make bloopers all the time.

It would appear Mickie figured out how to use the spell checker Landel!!---lol!

Ray, and this one too Where can I find " spell check" ?

I had it at one time on my browser tool bar--but not now--

Nor a dictionary--on PC. Ain't gonna get up and go get a real one--hha


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