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Well I think with China agreeing not to sell items that NK needs will help.  I don't know what Trump said to China but I think they will try and work with us which is unusual.  The press doesn't like it.  But maybe we can the bad working with us!!!


     Here's How Politicians Honored Boston On The Anniversary Of The Marathon Bombing.

Since 2015, April 15 has been known as "One Boston Day" in the city to honor those killed or injured and to "celebrate the resiliency, generosity, and strength demonstrated by the people of Boston and those around the world" in response to the attack.

Here's how political figures chose to remember that day, and the strength of the city in the face of unspeakable evil: Boston represents what it means to never yield, never cower, never stand down & lead the way. America owns the finish line.

Here's How Politicians Honored Boston On The Anniversary Of The Marathon Bombing

Four years ago today, three people were killed and dozens more were injured when islamic terrorists detonated two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 
 Saturday is the 4-yr anniv. of the Marathon bombings. We remember the victims of that tragedy, but also the generosity of many in its wake.
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Today on we remember those who were lost on April 15, 2013. Rest In Peace    
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Great post BHT!!!  We need never forget because ISIS is after us even more now!


                        A Question for Leftists and Progressives: Is This What You Mean by ‘Equality’?

A Question for Leftists and Progressives: Is This What You Mean by ‘Equality’?

I did not intend to write about this story, but when I saw a picture of the teenager in question, I had to. He is 15-years-old, clearly a biological male. Look at his picture for yourself, mustache and all.

As Joy Pullman notes on The Federalist, he has “not taken drugs nor undergone surgery to mimic femininity.” Yet he was allowed to compete against other girls in a recent sporting event, and to no one’s surprise, he won – quite handily, at that. Is this what is meant by “equality”?

In recent weeks, we’ve read about a female high-school wrestler who identifies as male and who has been taking testosterone to prepare to “transition” to male. Unsurprisingly, she defeated the other girls, all of whom are not taking testosterone.

We also read about a male weightlifter who now identifies as female. Unsurprisingly, he defeated the women he competed against, setting a new record along the way.

Other examples could be supplied as well, since this is becoming more and more common.

How is this fair? How can progressives and liberals and leftists and LGBT activists and their allies think this is right? And do the feminists of the world really want to engage in head-to-head athletic competition with their male peers?

Not one female basketball player would earn a berth in the NBA. Not one female athlete would make it to the Olympics – in swimming or rowing or weightlifting or skiing or running or jumping or hurdling or boxing. Not one.

Men would dominate in every event, and women would be relegated to cheerleading.

That’s why we have men’s sports and women’s sports, men’s world records and women’s world records. And that why we celebrate the accomplishments of female athletes as females rather than comparing them to males.

There is nothing sexist about this. There is nothing hateful about this. There is nothing condescending about this. This is a matter of fairness, equality, and common sense.

At least it should be. Today, common sense is in danger of extinction, and concepts like fairness and equality are turned upside down.

The 15-year-old in question goes by the name of Andraya Yearwood, and as the Hartford Courant reported, Andraya’s first event with female peers was a cause for celebration: “With family, friends and teammates cheering her on at her first high school track meet, Andraya won the girls 100- and 200-meter dashes, and helped her 4x100-meter relay team take second place.”

What did this look like in person? One picture says it all, as Andraya leaves the other girls behind, girls who trained so hard for these events, only to be beaten by a boy. And I mean beaten decisively.

But Andraya’s mother had a response to anyone would protest the event: “I know they'll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not? She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills. Let that be enough. Let her do that, and be proud of that.”

What kind of logic is that? Because this 15-year-old biological male is competing and practicing and giving his all, that makes it fair and right for him to compete with his female peers? No matter what these other girls do, no matter how hard they try, no matter how much they push themselves, they will not be able to keep up with an equally devoted male peer. How is this fair and right to them?

Andraya’s father is also supportive, saying that his son is competing just where he should be competing, also explaining that you are born into a particular body but you grow into being a particular person.

But athletic events are conducted in the body, regardless of how the person inside that body identifies. Yet when people ask Mr. Yearwood, “Why is your daughter running with the girls?” his response is, “Because she’s my daughter, much like the reason your daughter is running with girls.”

With all respect to the Yearwood family, and with understanding that for them this was a matter of life and death for their child, what Mr. Yearwood is saying is patently false. His child is not running with the other girls the same way the other daughters are running, just like his child does not have to deal with monthly periods or female hormonal changes, since Andraya is not like the other girls.

“But,” you ask, “what about Andraya? What if Andraya has gender dysphoria? What if identifying as female will save her life?”

That is between Andraya and his family and the Lord. But Andraya’s personal struggles cannot be imposed on everyone else, meaning, as a biological male, he has no business competing with other girls, or, for that matter, sharing their locker rooms and shower stalls. That is not the meaning of equality.

Even according to activist ideology, gender is a social construct but sex is biological. And when it comes to male and female athletic competition, we divide based on biological sex.

In the end, this is just one more example of why I believe LGBT activism will ultimately defeat itself.

You cannot wage a winning war against gender distinctions any more than you can redefine marriage while preserving its integrity. As expressed by Joy Pullmann, “It’s a pretty sure bet Americans did not expect tolerance for two consenting adults doing whatever behind closed doors to become a spearhead for forcing naked boys to shower next to naked girls and make girls second-class players on their own fields.”


And so, I appeal to progressivists, leftists, feminists, and LGBT allies and their allies, along with all those who cherish fairness, equality, and justice. Look carefully at the trajectory of your activism, and ask yourself:

Is this really the kind of world that you want?

No I do not agree with boys saying they are girls competing with other girls.  I just have a hard time thinking about what is going on in the world today!  Boys wanting to be girls and girls wanting to be boys!!  BUT it is only going to get worse just wait and see.  It needs to be stopped before it gets out of control.


                                            The NRA Launches A New Initiative to Protect Hunting.


The Second Amendment is continually under attack from gun control advocates. They threaten to take away our right to keep and bear arms, but there's also one aspect of the Second Amendment that often goes unnoticed: the hunting sport.

Over the last few years, hunting has come under attack by groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who wish to protect animals from being slaughtered for fur coats and leather handbags. It's an understandable goal, but they won't stop there. PETA has continually inched their way further and further in the name of "animal welfare," to the point where their mission statement is now beginning to infringe on people's Second Amendment rights and on our natural human instincts.

What members of PETA fail to understand is the history behind hunting. 

Mothers and fathers hunt to provide food for their children. It's something that humans have been doing for centuries. It's not a new phenomenon by any means. In fact, hunter-gatherers often had to forage for their food, by either finding plants or hunting animals to eat. 

Hunting wasn't seen as gruesome or grotesque. Hunting was a normal part of everyday life. It was what you did in order to survive. They didn't have high-end grocery stores to provide their meat, eggs and vegetables. They had hunt for what they ate. Somedays they were luckier than others.

Animal rights activists are so quick to take a punch at hunters that they forget one important thing: even the meat that ends up in our Whole Foods stores had to be killed before it was put in the store's freezer. Why is it okay for commercial stores to carry meat, but you and I aren't allowed to go out and provide meat for ourselves?

To help combat the negative stigma behind hunting, the National Rifle Association (NRA) launched a new campaign called "NRA Hunting," which focuses on educating the public and protecting the centuries-old practice.

The initiative is being led by spokesman Josh Powell, a Michigan native who grew up hunting duck with his mom from a young age. 

“Hunting teaches you a number of things, whether it’s self-reliance, whether it’s conservation, whether it’s being able to take care of yourself in the absence of a supermarket …” Powell told Breitbart. “There is a massive misconception out there within this anti-hunting community in terms of exactly what they are doing and achieving, because they’re not saving animals, they’re not saving the environment."

But PETA isn't the only one who's out to eliminate hunting. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has joined PETA's efforts. In fact, HSUS' CEO, Wayne Pacelle, has been quoted saying, "We’re out to minimize suffering wherever it can be done, and wherever our limited resources can be utilized most effectively—abusive forms of hunting now, all hunting eventually.”

What these animal rights activists fail to understand that hunting is a fundamental human behavior that is legal, sustainable, ethical and benefits both habitats and species. And guess what? No animals have become extinct because of hunting practices, and the money from hunting licenses, etc. are used to preserve critical habitats.

Powell does an amazing job of explaining the hunting mindset. 

Hunting is vital even to the animals.  Food supply for animals if there are too many are gone.

I heard all about that but you and I both know that it will not make it to court.  He will come away with lots of money even if he is demented.

Airlines need to get better at their treatment of passengers once a ticket is bought.  Now if they had offered a lot of money to get off then that would be a better way.  But who wants to stay in Chicago!!!Ugh

It would seem that they should be able to know when they need their people transferred to another place to work.  I know emergencies come up but they would have been better off to offer a large amount of money.  But the guy is a bum no matter how you look at it.  Mistakes were made by both the airlines, the guy and the police.


                                  Gang of Illegals Massacre Teens in New York

Illegals Massacre Teens Right Here in American City.

 image: https://aanews-structure-psyclone.netdna-ssl.com/client_assets/aane...

Gang of Illegals Massacre Teens in New York
The shocking massacre of four mexican young men in Long Island has been tied to the notorious illegal alien street gang, MS-13, authorities say. The four brutally murdered young men were found lying on the street in Central Islip, New York.
  The bodies were found Wednesday near a soccer field inside Central Islip’s Recreation Village Town Park. The victims were murdered by members of the MS-13 gang, according to ABC 7. The bodies were so mutilated that one could only be identified by a tattoo. The victims were all young men, one was 20 years of age, two were 18, and the youngest victim was just 16. A fifth young man reportedly escaped.
 The victims were identified as 16-year-old Justin Llivicura, and 18-year-olds Jefferson Villalobos, and 1Jorge Tigre, and 20-year old Michael Banegas.


Please Donate today!

You donation will allow us to:

A) Pressure Congress to Secure the Border, Deport ALL Illegals & End Sanctuary Cities

B) Hold politicians accountable if they refuse to Secure the Border, Deport ALL Illegals & End Sanctuary Cities


  Trump Has News for 'Gang of Illegals' That Should Have Them Running for Cover   4/18/17 

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both spent Tuesday morning targeting the street gang MS-13.
  The president signed an executive order shortly after getting into office which called for the Department of Justice to convene a task force to go after transnational criminal organizations such MS 13.
  MS 13, whose formal name is Mara Salvatrucha, is primarily run out of El Salvador and started in the 1990s after a wave of deportations from the United States.

Trump, however, blamed open border policies by former President obama for the spread of the gang in the U.S.
The weak illegal immigration policies of the obama Admin. allowed bad MS 13 gangs to form in cities across U.S. We are removing them fast!,” Trump tweeted.

Sessions echoed these comments in his opening remarks before a meeting of the Attorney General’s organized crime council.

Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/trump-has-news-for-gang-of-illeg...


http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/trump-s-new-executive-order-is-a...  4/18/17

           Trump's New Executive Order is a True "America First" Agenda Item.

Trump's New Executive Order is a True
President Trump will follow through with his "America First" campaign pledge on Tuesday by signing an order changing a visa program that supplies highly skilled overseas workers to the tech industry.
The “Buy American, Hire American” executive order would direct Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to coordinate a review across the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Labor and State to crack down on weak monitoring and enforcement efforts aimed at “rooting out every single Buy American loophole,” an administration officials told reporters on Monday.

The order, which Trump will sign during a visit to tool manufacturer Snap-on-Inc, in Wisconsin, would propose new rules to prevent immigration fraud and abuse and require those departments to offer changes so that H-1B visas are awarded to the “most-skilled or highest-paid applicants.”

The White House said the ​visa​ program ​hurts American ​middle-class ​workers by ​allowing companies, including high-tech firms, to hire cheap labor to drive down wages.
Read more at http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/trump-s-new-executive-order-is-a...
   The “Buy American, Hire American” executive order would direct Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to coordinate a review across the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Labor and State to crack down on weak monitoring and enforcement efforts aimed at “rooting out every single Buy American loophole,” an administration officials told reporters on Monday.

The order, which Trump will sign during a visit to tool manufacturer Snap-on-Inc, in Wisconsin, would propose new rules to prevent immigration fraud and abuse and require those departments to offer changes so that H-1B visas are awarded to the “most-skilled or highest-paid applicants.”



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