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He needs President Trump or not one bill will advance to law - just like under Obama - come on Republicans get a clue?

Whether the Republicans like Trump or not, he is going to change America back to the way it should be and they need to get with him whether they like him or not.  It just seems that when Republicans have the majority they don't know what to do with it!!!  Trump certainly needs to meet with them and let them know they need to stand with him!!!

The problem is the D party leadership is basically marxist and too many so called leaders in the R party are either too far left like McCain or too far right in some cases. Trump himself is basically a common sense sort of guy who takes the straight forward approach. He just needs to stay his course and solicit support from the people.

We could and should install a good fence system with electronics very quickly for minimal cost. Add guard towers as necessary and use the guard to man those towers and patrol. We can then take our time with the wall which will take a long time to complete. 

I think that might work.  They are going to need towers in places they can't build he fence because what I understand there are places that they can't fit a fence.

There are stretches where a wall is simply impractical but a fence should not be a problem. A wall, if it is concrete, needs a road just for starters and i do not think we have a road of any description along the entire border. Steep terrain just about nixes wall construction so a fence becomes a common sense alternative. 

Hi Terry, interesting pictures but some really dumb fences that wouldn't hold anyone back!!  But our fence will work!!! LOL  Barbwire is good but they always find a way to get through.

Hi Terry! The article indicates a good fence system works pretty well.

Some of those will work and others won't.  It has to be a well thought out fence to keep people back.

A good fence system would be designed like some of the prison systems i have seen around the country but with far fewer guard towers due to employing a lot of electronics like cameras, motion sensors, tunnel detection devices and maybe even some sticky stinky fluorescent pellet paint balls connected to the sensors. Light em up, paint em, and sniff em out!

http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/jihad-watch-how-islamic-terror-t...  4/15/17

                             JIHAD WATCH: How Islamic Terror Threatens the Largest City

The NYPD has had a stellar track record of protecting the city from another 9/11, foiling more than 20 planned terrorist attacks since 2001.

But some worry the department is losing its terror-fighting edge as it tries to please muslim grievance groups.
 Last year, for instance, it censored an anti-terror handbook to appease offended muslims, even though it has accurately predicted radicalization patterns in recent “homegrown” terror cases.

Rank-and-file NYPD officers, detectives and even intelligence and counterterrorism units are officially barred now from referring to the handbook or the scientific study on which it was based.

Former law-enforcement officials fear its removal as a training tool may be hurting efforts to prevent terrorist activity, such as the vehicle-ramming attacks plaguing European cities.

The handbook  was extremely accurate on how the radicalization process works and what indicators to look for,” said Patrick Dunleavy, former deputy inspector general of the New York state prisons’ criminal-intelligence division, who also worked with the NYPD’s intelligence division for several years.


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