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I just left Minneapolis. In Wisconsin now. Minneapolis Seemed to have quite a few muslims. Wisconsin is basically mostly white and peaceful.

I think Minnesota has quite a few muslims and if I remember right, they are taking little by little especially in schools.  You let a few in and then you might as well open the door and let the rest in!!!  Dangerous for sure!!

Be careful and drive carefully!!!

@realDonaldtrump we have your back and will seek to discredit the elite in DC and the biased media RT So those see they are lost in all ways

The media driven panic is just more elite trying to rule on what they lost destroy @realDonaldTrump & voters must now defend our choice. RT to save freedom

Comment from a fiend . . I never realized just how corrupt our gov't was until Trump got in and exposed them for the garbage they are. There is a # to contact the White House and leave a comment 1-202-456-1111. I heard Herman Caine give the number out while on Hannity last night,

You are exactly right Mangus!  Instead of having a special council on Trump we do need it on killary. 

I am hoping she will come under the Russia "thingy" and they find more on her.  Our Government was very corrupt with the last 8 years and even beyond.  It is time for us to stand behind Trump and get this Country back on track!!!

 Hi everyone,

I was kind of wanting to know a little about the Magna Carta, so I found this, its kind of weird, there are officials pdfs for it so we collected them.

I know what its all about, its a Tax by England, in agreements with other countries, this is very weird.

Magna Catra, This may explain why Muslim Terrorist, are allowed to enter countries unchecked, bring death and destruction to, even Americans.

The following is an adaptation of a lecture frequently given by William Coley, Director of  Muslims for Liberty. The name of the lecture is “Islam and Liberty”. In it, he explores the historical roots of the “essential rights” (also known as the “natural rights of man”), and how they have striking similarities with maqasid al-shariah (“the intentions of Islamic law”). What follows is his interpretation of these commonalities, and how they can help Muslims rediscover their claim to these noble principles . On a practical level, one should keep in mind that modern “Muslim” governments fail to embody these commonalities. One should also keep in mind that there are historical instances of Muslim communities or governments which have not followed the guidelines of Islamic law and were instead involved in spreading corruption and oppression.


It appearscto me that liberals in todays world have studied and agree with some of islams techniques. Specifically i am referring to taquiyya, the art of lieing in defense of islam and brainwashing the masses so as to benefit islam itself at all costs.

Our own Harry Reid is a perfect example of what i am trying to say. Harry being a super self centered pig headed jerk.
Weiner is in the news up here in Chicago. He appeared in court for sexting a 15 yr old. It appears likely he is headed for 2 yrs in the slammer. Weiner seems infatuated with his weenie! Lol.

Well he deserves the sentence, such a looser!!  Your last sentence seems to be true!!!LOL

http://trumptrainnews.com/articles/things-just-got-way-worse-for-we...    5/19/17

          Things Just Got WAY Worse for Weiner After Pleading Guilty.

Things Just Got WAY Worse for Weiner After Pleading Guilty
JUST IN: anthony weiner not only lost his freedom after pleading guilty for sexting with a minor, now he's losing his wife huma abedin who's a top aide to killary clinton. The New York Post reports:
 The long suffering wife  has finally filed for divorce against anthony weiner, just as her estranged husband pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor.
  She brought an anonymous versus anonymous action in Manhattan Supreme Court Friday.
 She’s asking for the court to seal the case.
   The filing is uncontested meaning she is not expecting a fight over custody or the couple’s assets.
The fall from grace for disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) continues: he’s expected to plead guilty on Friday at 11am, to charges that he sexted a minor last year.

Weiner has accepted a plea bargain, where he’ll admit to a single charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. The charges faces 0 to 10 years in prison, and Weiner will likely have to register as a sex offender.

The former Congressman, and husband of key Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, first contacted his victim in January 2016, when she was a sophomore in high school.

Despite knowing that she was just fifteen years old, Weiner texted her shirtless photos of himself and lewd text messages.
  After months of kinky online chat, over Skype video chat and text message, the victim said she “felt a little guilty” and told a teacher what she had been doing. She came forward to law enforcement after a photo of Weiner’s bulging underwear—with his own toddler son sleeping in bed next to him—was published in the New York Post

The Magan Carta has been instrumental, "serving as an instrument or means in pursuing an aim or policy", it was used in the Federal Reserve Act, this Treaty, forced into Constitutional Policies, it was created back around th1 1200AD's, there was a issue between the Pope Of The Roman Catholic Church and the King's Magna Carta, so a deal was formed, Rome would become a part of this Treaty, and the Roman Catholic Church would be allowed a percentage of the Tax, and a controlling factor, within the Banks.

 The Magna Carta, allowed the Treasury Departmental Policies to be changed to the Central Banks System, of the EU. The Federal Reserve, wrote in a IRS Policy,Of the UK, they are Tax free.

 The Magna Carta Nafta Policies, is by the UK....

Angela Merkel Warns Britain: “You’ll Pay The Price” For Brexit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a chilling warning to Britain, warning that Germany will punish citizens if the UK government puts an end to free movement after Brexit. Chancellor Angela Merkel has also threaten Donald Trump many times. Since when does the EU System of Germany, have more authority then the Manga Catra by England, which by the way is still in effect.


Obama Repeals Magna Carta,To Repeal Section 1021 of The National De...

 This of course was a media lie, Obama deceptions are well noted. How the Magna Carta is now Called The Magna Charter, I did look around a bit, and this is not shared here...please explain why Obama did this.

A federal judge has told the Obama administration that all Americans are protected by her preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of a citizen detention clause in a new federal law supported by Obama.


 What brought our team to investigate the Treaties Of  The Magna Carta, was this word, " "Cengiefs" " written by John Adams 1774.

Professor’s Op-Ed Calls For Unity Against Trump Campaign

By Nikitha B. Reddy, CONTRIBUTING WRITER February 24, 2016

Danielle S. Allen, a Government professor and director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, called on Americans across the political spectrum to organize against businessman Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign in a Sunday op-ed that has generated widespread reaction.



"The Unanimous Declaration Of The Thirteen States Of America July 4, 1776 " by William Floyd  a official Preamble of our Founding Fathers.


 After researching, the writings of John Adams, we believe the Preamble of The Declaration Of Independence to be a slap in the face to the arrogance of the King Of England.

 We also researched Ray's statements about Islam, what was found was a Magna Carta, act called the Common Core Act of 1945. ( Common Core Values Educational Program  )

 This act alone rewrote passage, to where Christian Values, are not to be seen in schools, in the same act Islam is being dedicated as a  Common Core Values Educational Program, by the UN, and the UK.

 This 1000 year old Treaty, is connected to many nations, and their Constitution as well as their Declaration Of Independence.

 The UN rebuilt the Tower of  Babel, and made it clear in a statement as well as a document. They state One People, One World One Government. To rebuild the Tower of  Babel in defiance of God. Because people were separated into many different races. The UN foundation is to have one race of people to govern, and they are to be the only white race governing body of gods.

 William Floyd and John Adams, were very smart, some say our founding fathers could see into the days to come for America.

 They went to work, placing in the 2nd Amendment Of The Constitution, and other things, England the went to work to enforce the Magna Carta, removing the ability of the states and Congress to write new Constitutional Laws, it would have to be by Policy Writers, then Law Writers, would submit this to Parliament, to be approved, then Congress would only be allowed to vote on the laws or policy changes.

 We have collected all of the books by John Adams, and as stated we did research what Ray stated, about Islam, he is correct on most of the issues, now it is seen in schools, where our Christian Values take a back seat to another religion. 

 The UN Constitution, One People, One World, One Government, One Order


Henry. The 1st problem with islam is it is not a religion by western standards. It is a system of governance masquerading as a religion as proven by the simple fact that sharia law is embedded into islam. A true religion does not function as the law of the land AND by western standards it maintains separation of church from state.

What needs to happen is we need to properly and officially define islam correctly so as to remove the religious protections we currently afford it.

We are aporoaching 4000 mosques right hete in the USA AND muslims consider the building of a mosque in a foreign land to be a conquest over the region. We are being invaded ever so slowly and we need to do the logical things that will remove the threat.


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