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Saying it is so does not make it so! Case in point> Islam is a peaceful religion! The fact is islam is neither peaceful or a religion but if you ask a muslim you will hear all about how peaceful islam is!

In the real world islam is a system of governance in dictator form. Sharia law is the cornerstone of islam so how is it that this barbaric system of governance can get away with calling itself a religion?

Islam is all about 3 things>
1> Deception.
2> Brainwashing the masses.
3> Submission to the will of allah.

If you do not submit sharia law kicks in so the so called religion has a system of punishment built in! THIS is not a religion so when is someone going to challenge islam to prove it is a religion? I would like to hear Trump issue the challenge but someone like Tucker Carlson would do. Bill OReilly? Neil Cavuto?

Their goal in life is to take over the world.  They are doing pretty well in Europe and now they want to do the same here in the good old USA.  Some Cities in certain States have almost been taken over.  We cannot let this happen!!!

Education is the key to success Mickie.

Yes, I know Ray!  But some people are hard to educate!!!

I agree! If someone thinks or reaches a different conclusion than what i do they gotta be stupid! ---Right?

LOLOL, Right!!!

I just saw an ad for pantyhose >> for men.

You have to be kidding!  I guess men get varicose veins would be the only reason to wear them.  That is why I don't like to get dressed up because then I have to wear them!! But in the winter they keep your legs warm.  BUT MEN???

Not kidding! A dept store ad showing men in shorts with patterned panty hose.

LGBTQ department is my bet 

I haven't seen one of those depts in a store as yet but if i do i will boycott that store or chain.

I haven't seen one either but nothing surprises me anymore.  Let me know too!!


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