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I would doubt any mainstream store will go that far but only because doing so would alienate more cusfomers than it attracts. The $ rules.
LBGTQFD. Lesbian. Bisexual. Gay. Transvestite. Queer. Faggot. Dike.

They might put nylons in the men's department in some stores or they can go buy them in the women's department.  You may be right but you never know what a Department Store will do to make money!!  Look what Target has done with the Restroom situation!  They have lost a lot of money.


Broadway Joe the Quarterback wore pantyhose in the 70s when he played in the cold. 

Maybe so But they are trying to develop a market whereby fake men wear the things for purposes other than keeping warm.
They are also used to repel ticks.

Well I can see them wearing it for certain purposes but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I just heard that they are trying to work it so that men can get pregnant and carry a baby!!

I remember when Broadway Joe wore those.  If they are support hose then it probably helped him but like you said they keep your legs warm

It is just really hard to understand!!!

Well we can thank Obama for all of this perverted crap. What it is is people trying to make a buck by creating a new product. It is called capitalism albeit the sick side of it.

Well Obama did a lot of damage in 8 years and it is going to take a long time to straighten everything out if at all possible.  It is sick for sure!!

Google mens pantyhose.

OK, I will but I am ready to go to bed.  I will do it tomorrow if I remember!!!LOL

Good Night Everyone, drive carefully Ray and stay safe!!


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