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This is something we all know but why isn't it out in the open?  We all know why because the news media just doesn't want anything bad said about killary!!

EXACTLY!!! Mangus!


Those pictured above should never have made it to Congress!!!  They are poor excuses for the human race!!

She should be in jail.  She and Clinton should be given a room together and that should be fun!!!LOL  Seriously she has broken the law so many times and yet nothing happens.  Comey was a stooge for her as far as I am concerned.  He should have been fired.


                   Trump Drains The Swamp With Massive Firing of Bureaucrats

Drain the swamp” was a favorite chant during President Donald Trump’s campaign, and it looks like he’s kept his promise at the office of Veterans Affairs.

A new report says more than 500 employees have been fired at the agency, and another 200 have been suspended.

The Daily Caller reported on statistics released by the department because of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin as a part of their commitment to transparency.

“Those disciplined include 22 senior leaders, more than 70 nurses, 14 police officers, and 25 physicians,” it was reported.

Originally published by The Blaze.

Good!! it is about time.


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