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Personally i feel Trump should be more aggressive vs investigating all things clinton ALTHOUGH people like Trey Gowdy have tried without success or even a final report to the best of my knowledge?

Benghazi illustrated the incompetence of the obama administration and killary as Sec of State. Prosecutable or simply a tragic error in judgement? I am on the fence leaning incompetent.

Hillary approved xfer of uranium to Russia and received millions via her foundation? I really think this needs to be investigated by several conservative JOURNALISTS as opposed to the spin masters we are forced to contend with today. If up to me i would Sic Cavuto and Tucker Carlson on the story. This would be a good project for O'Reilly since he needs something to do these days.

There are many other alleged violations attached to killary so why is the media so focused on blowing up beyond all reasonable proportions a relative non story about Trump and his son?

The reason is obvious> The media works in collusion with the D party. < THAT is the investigation Trump should launch!

We all know that the New Media wanted killary and could care less about America as long as they are in the limelight.  I cannot believe the lies that are told and believed by some Americans.  killary broke all sorts of laws and is still out there enjoying life even though she and her cohorts have removed several people that were going to tell the truth!!!  She is one EVIL Bitch and I don't use that word lightly!!!

The bottom line is this is a lot of hooey about nothing. Neither Don did anything illegal or immoral. They RECEIVED a call from someone saying they had dirt to share. Who would turn down someone offering to provide dirt against an opponent? Not me! Not anyone actually!

The bottom line here is the liberal media in COLLUSION with the anti Trump crowd are trying to discredit and actually try the Trumps over concocted and TRUMPED up charges!

If i were Trump i would be instructing attorneys to begin looking into prosecuting these obstructionist politicians like Schumer and Waters AND i would launch an investigation into the Clinton COLLUSION with the Russians vs the uranium deal and mega $ being funneled into the Clinton foundation via paying Bill mega $ to make a couple speeches no one has ever heard AFTER the uranium deal was sealed. Bill had never before nor has he since been pd anything by the Russians so where is the media on this issue?

I agree!  Trump needs to respond to the point they back down.


This is an interesting interview and comment by Lou Dobbs!!  He is right on!!!

The liberal elites have damaged our country for too long.
In the last election, we promised to drain the swamp in our nation's capital.
Now, on the day of our Capital being established, let everyone know you voted to Drain The Swamp with this exclusive license plate: nrcc.org
Get my license plate for $15.00.

 No more unelected bureaucrats making the decisions, Landel.
It’s time to DRAIN THE SWAMP -- order yours today.
Thank you,
Eric Trump

It definitely needs draining!!

        Good info for my friends.

  Heat Waves: 10 Tips for Extreme Heat Safety

What do you do when a heat wave hits? We’ve barely entered the summer and parts of California, Nevada, and Arizona already had record-breaking temperatures. In some of these areas, it was so hot that planes were not permitted to fly, roads buckled and power outages occurred due to the strain on the power grid from excessive use of air conditioning. 

Here are 10 tips for staying cool in extreme heat.

Both extreme heat and extreme cold can be dangerous.

However, heat waves very quickly become life-threatening if proper precautions are not taken. In recent years, excessive heat has caused more deaths than all other weather events, including floods. Of all natural disasters, heat holds the highest 10-year average of fatalities with 113. 
  A heat wave is a prolonged period of excessive heat—generally 10 degrees or more above average—that is often combined with excessive humidity.

Young children, those who are sick, and the elderly are most susceptible to heat-related illnesses

However, anyone can suffer from a heat-related illness if they over-exert themselves or simply don’t take extreme heat warnings seriously.
Whether your region is experiencing a heat wave or record-breaking temperatures, here’s advice courtesy of Cummins Generators to keep your family, friends, and neighbors safe this summer.


1. Never leave children or pets alone in hot vehicles—even for a second.

2. Stay inside during the hottest part of the day (10 A.M to 4 P.M.) and limit time outside in the Sun. Avoid strenuous activity and postpone outdoor games and events.

3. If A/C is not available, stay indoors on the lowest floor in a well-ventilated area with fans. Keep shades and blinds closed.

4. Stay hydrated with plenty of water—even if you’re not thirsty. Don’t drink alcohol, sugary soda or drinks, or other caffeinated beverages, as they will only make dehydration worse.

5. Eat small meals and eat more often.

6. Use sunscreen and wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and a hat made of breathable material.

7. During heat waves, tune to a NOAA radio station and listen for weather updates from the National Weather Service (NWS).

8. Visit air-conditioned public spaces such as malls, movie theaters, and libraries to keep cool.

9. Check on family and friends who are more susceptible, especially if they may have lost A/C. 

10. Make sure tyour pets  have access to a cool space and plenty of water.   

If you feel overheated, cool off with wet washcloths, fans, and a cool sponge bath or shower.

Too hot at the house? Go to the library or a designated public shelter if your home loses power during periods of extreme heat. 

Properly install window air conditioners, sealing any cracks and insulating if necessary.

2. Check A/C ducts for proper insulation and clean filters.

3. Install awnings, blinds, or light-colored drapes and keep them closed to keep sunlight and heat out.

4. Upgrade your windows and weather-strip doors to keep heat out and cool air in.

5. Make sure your first aid kit is updated and get trained in first aid relief.

6. Have a plan for wherever you (and your family members/pets) spend time during a heat wave—home, work, and school—and prepare for power outages. Discuss heat safety precautions with members of your household.

7. Check the contents of your emergency disaster kit in case a power outage occurs.

8. Be aware of weather forecasts and the upcoming temperature changes.

9. It’s not just the high temperature. The heat index is the temperature the body feels when the effects of heat and humidity are combined. See our heat index chart.

10. Of course, consider a home standby generator, like the Cummins QuietConnect, that will turn on automatically to keep your A/C running and your entire house on if you lose power.

We hope these tips are helpful during the next heat wave! Print out this list and place it with your First Aid Kit so you’re better prepared when a heat wave hits.

Great info, Thanks BHT!

I am headed for bed.  Good Night Ray, BHT, Mangus and the rest of you!  Sleep well

Drive carefully, Ray, and stay safe!

Kevin de León, a California Democrat State Senate leader, lately acknowledged that he and half of his family was in this country illegally and are using fake kinds of government documentation.

It is super bizarre to explicitly identify yourself as an illegal immigrant to America and don’t face any consequences, right?

However, we have seen so many demonstrators who are “not” frightened of being illegals, but in fact they really need to be scared if we live in a country that applies its immigration laws.

No, your eyes are not lying to you. A politician explicitly identifies himself and his family as illegals in the United States, and yes, it’s not any country but California.

According to a report by the Gateway Pundit, California Democrat, Kevin de León, lately confirmed that half of his family was in the United States illegally and is using fake forms of government identification, which can be a treated as a crime depending on the state and circumstances.

De Leon, was pretty popular among the states, because he was the one who in fact presented the regulation to make California a “Sanctuary State.”
Trump may deport the illegals in this guys family! We shall see.


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