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I am headed for bed.  Good Night Ray, BHT, Mangus and everyone else.  Sleep well and pleasant dreams!  See you tomorrow.  Drive carefully Ray, Be Safe.

http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/featured/barack-obama-statement...   8/10/17

   barry obuma Made A Shocking Statement About Kenya

Dear Patriot,

barry obuma has generated controversy involving Kenya.

It’s raised some big questions.

 That’s because he made a shocking statement about the country.

Kenya is currently conducting elections to select their country’s leadership.  

The nation has a history of violent elections.

 Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta is running for re-election against seven other candidates.

The Washington Examiner reports: 

“In 2007, more than 1,000 people died as the result of violent clashes in the aftermath of the election after Odinga said the election had been rigged.

The election in 2012 did not result in major violence, but people are still concerned about potential violence, and Kenyans have fled the capital of Nairobi in anticipation of the election, the BBC reported.

According to the Independent, Kenyan politics is often divided along ethnic lines and areas where these tensions could erupt into violence also concern Kenyans and election monitors.”  

obuma – whose father was born in Kenyaissued a statement asking for a peaceful election.

The Washington Examiner reports him stating:

“In Kenya’s election we have already seen too much incitement and appeals based on fear from all sides,” obuma said. “But I also know that the Kenyan people as a whole will be the losers if there is a descent into violence. You can make clear that you will reject those that want to deal in tribal and ethnic hatred. As I said two years ago, the voices of ordinary people and civil society can make sure that Kenya will not be defined by divisions of the past, but by the promise of the future. Today, those voices – your voices — are needed more than ever.”

obuma added that during his visits to the country where his father grew up, he’s witnessed the progress made in the country and hopes to see it live up to its potential.

This election is one more milestone for Kenya, and I urge President Kenyatta, Mr. Odinga, and all Kenyans to act with respect for the proverb: ‘We have not inherited this land from our forebears, we have borrowed it from our children,'” Obama said. “The choices you make in the coming days can either set Kenya back or bring it together. As a friend of the Kenyan people, I urge you to work for a future defined not by fear and division, but by unity and hope.”
 But even this was controversial. obuma issued the statement before Donald Trump had anything to say.

This was an incredible breach of protocol.

Trump speaks for America now, not the muslum obuma.

But  obuma took it upon himself to interject into yet another foreign election and undermine Trump’s authority as leader of the free world.

This was not the first time obuma  undercut Trump on the world stage.

The Daily Caller reports:

obuma has remained active in foreign affairs since leaving office, even though he previously promised to stay “on the sidelines” out of respect for President Trump.

Last month, obuma met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in for 40 minutes about President Trump.

obuma’s meeting with Moon came after the former president spoke at the Asian Leadership Conference and the Fourth Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Jakarta, where he attacked Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord.”

 The left has launched an all-out effort to delegitimize Trump as President.

obuma stepping onto the world stage and meddling in foreign elections on behalf of America is just another aspect in their plot to ruin the Trump Presidency.

Ask his grandmother and brother! Now that he's out of office they're telling all. Look it up.

He usurped the office of POTUS by deceit, fraud, and manipulation of the polls, Who has the videos featuring his grandmother stating she helped birth him in Kenya and the other one of Michelle saying he was Kenyan born?? (I saw those two myself.) In this video, Obama himself says he was born in Kenya. It's been proven by DNA that the parentage he claimed is false.


Why was this Video in which he admits he is Kenyan born been "lost" all these years, and why is it just now surfacing (and killed out again)?? Who had it and who has removed it from the internet?? In case you're interested look up:

Obama’s Kenyan Birth Records Discovered In British National Archives

By Dan Crosby of The Daily Pen


Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate - lots of links to open!!

Pelosi KNEW Obama Was NOT Eligible To Be POTUS But She Covered It Up


At least half of congress, if not all, knew. I posted this earlier, but a repeat is in order because you don't know how right you are!

FRAUD IN CHIEF: CIA Conducted DNA Test on obuma – Found NO MATCH to Alleged GRANDPARENTS [W/ VIDEOS]


shrimpton went on to say that the CIA performed a covert DNA testing on obuma during a fundraising dinner using a glass of water. Apparently, the CIA was able to grab a few glasses of water with both saliva and fingerprints to conduct their testing, and according to Shrimpton, the test came back that barry  obuma is not related to his alleged grandparents. Dreams of My Real Father, anyone?

Who is his mother?? Davis???

   **** I THOUGHT IT WENT--  "WHO'S YO DADDY"? ***


 If you wear a real watch, not a digital one------->

                     The Compass That You Didn’t Realize That You Have.

Have you ever been lost? I mean really lost as in not having any idea where you are beyond some general vague notion that you are somewhere in this part of your state? It’s a scary feeling.

Now, if you’re like most people, you’re likely not overly worried about getting lost. After all, most people live in areas of some population where getting lost is not an issue, and, if they do get turned around, they can just pull up a map program with GPS on their smartphone.

But how would you feel if you were out in the woods and your smartphone battery dies? What would you do then?

Well, if you’ve taken a little time to be prepared, you don’t panic. You pull out a compass.

If you don’t have a compass handy, you pull out the next best thing to figure our your direction: an analog watch.

Sometimes, survival is not about the fancy gadgets but about practical use of simple things that you already have on hand.

An analog watch can be used  as a compass if you can get an idea of where the sun is and the time of day (so, no, this won’t work underground. Sorry.).

First of all, you have to remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. DUH!!!

So, if you know that it is in the morning hours, you know that the sun is in the East. DUH!!!

Conversely, if it is late afternoon, the sun will be more towards the western part of the sky. DUH!!!

***  Mickie, You did know that, didn't you? ***

For the purpose of this example, let’s assume that it is around 10:00 in the morning. As the sun is in the East, you’ll want to point the 3:00 time setting on your analog watch towards the sun. You will then know that the 12:00 time on your analog watch will give you a general idea of which direction is North. From this information, assuming that you know which direction that you need to go, you can begin to move in the direction in which lies your destination.

Conversely, in late afternoon, you’ll want to point the 9:00 time setting on your watch towards the sun, and, in this way, the 12:00 time setting will still give you a good idea of which way is North.

Hopefully, you’ll then have an idea of which direction will take you to your destination so that you can get to a place of safety.


     Trey Gowdy’s Promotion Was The Last Thing The Democrats Wanted To See

Trey Gowdy has built a reputation in Congress as a dogged investigator.

Now he just received a promotion.

And it’s bad news for Democrats.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz – who chaired the House Oversight Committee – announced he was retiring from Congress and would leave before his term was up.

That set off a scramble to find a successor, as Chaffetz was overseeing critical investigations such as those surrounding former FBI Director james comey and his firing.

In stepped Trey Gowdy.

Axios reported Gowdy is expected to succeed Chaffetz:

“Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy  said  awhile back, that he would not be the right person” to replace jjmes comey as FBI directorperhaps because he’s reportedly expected to take Jason Chaffetz’s House Oversight Committee chairman positionper Politico.

Why now: Chaffetz is leaving Congress in June and will not seek re-election, as he’s reportedly going to assume an on-air role at Fox News. In his absence, the committee will need a new chairman for the high-profile position, and various members of the House Steering Committee panel (which decides the chairmanship) told Politico Gowdy could “easily” win this position.

Why it matters: Gowdy led the investigation into the Benghazi attacks, and if selected as chairman, he would lead the investigation into whether Trump encouraged james comey to drop the investigation into Michael Flynn’s possible collusion with Russia.”

The investigation into comey’s firing took on urgency after comey associates leaked excerpts of a memo claiming Trump urged him to shut down the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

But the memo was undercut by comey’s May 3rd testimony, where he admitted he never felt political pressure to stop an investigation.

The Washington Post reports the transcript of the exchange:

“HIRONO: So if the Attorney General or senior officials at the Department of Justice oppose a specific investigation, can they halt that FBI investigation?

cOMEY: In theory, yes.

HIRONO: Has it happened?

cOMEY: Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that — without an appropriate purpose. I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don’t see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I’m talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal. It’s not happened in my experience.”

Chaffetz has been trying to get comey to testify to clear up this obvious contradiction.

But his efforts have been unsuccessful.

Officially noticed a hearing for next Wed at 9:30am ET with former FBI Dir comey. But I still need to speak with him…evidently has a new #

— Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) May 17, 2017

comey is trying to duck his contradictory statements.

But with Gowdy in charge, any attempt to subvert the President by opponents like comey and other Deep State bureaucrats will be rooted out.

http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/featured/end-for-hillary-clinton/     8/11/17

      A Judge Handed Down A Ruling That Could Spell The End For killary clinton.

killary can’t escape her email scandal and Benghazi. She tried to cover up the truth by deleting 33,000 emails and using a private server.

But one judge just handed down a ruling that could spell the end for killary clinton.

Judicial Watch is keeping up the fight to uncover the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

killary clinton, barry obuma and susan rice all lied at the time of the attack about it being the result of protests over a YouTube video.

 That was a lie.

But how did they craft that bit of fake news? The answer may lie in Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Judicial Watch just scored a major victory in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department.

Fox News reports a federal judge has ordered the State Department to once again search for killary’s emails:

 A federal judge has ordered the State Department to search the “state.gov” email accounts of killary clinton aides huma abedin, cheryl mills and jacob sullivan for records related to Benghazi, as part of a watchdog’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia Amit Mehta made the call Tuesday, describing the FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch in March 2015 as “a far cry from a typical FOIA case.”

 He noted that “Secretary clinton used a private email server located in her home to transmit and receive work-related communications during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

“The sole remaining dispute in this case is the adequacy of State’s search for responsive records,” Mehta wrote in his opinion and order, noting the State Department has argued the search through Clinton aides’ emails “is likely to be unfruitful.”

Judge Mehta held that the State Department really didn’t look very hard the first time and should check their servers.

If killary emailed someone who was using a government account, it would stand to reason those emails would be found on the State Department’s server.

Fox News also reports:

But Mehta wrote that the State Department “has not, however, searched the one records system over which it has always had control and that is almost certain to contain some responsive records: the state.gov email server.”

“If Secretary clinton sent an email about Benghazi to abedin, mills, or sullivan at his or her state.gov email address, or if one of them sent an email to Secretary clinton using his or her state.gov account, then State’s server presumably would have captured and stored such an email,” Mehta wrote. “State has an obligation to search its own server for responsive records.”

The Benghazi scandal has been a parade of lies from the moment the terrorists struck. obuma and his minions — clinton and rice — immediately lied about the cause because admitting they were asleep at the switch would have been disastrous in the heat of a presidential campaign.

The American people deserve the truth about how the fake news story the obuma administration spread was put together.


http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/latest/an-interesting-thing-abo... 8/11/17

                            An Interesting Thing About Democrats In Texas

There’s no question that Texas has been changing in the last few years. After all, once a rural state, Texas is now home to lots of urban and suburban areas.

Not to mention, the state’s demographics have been changing as well. Currently, 43% of Texans are currently non-mexican white, and 39% are mexican. In addition, 13% of Texas citizens are blacks, and approximately 5% are Asian.

However, those aren’t the only things that are changing. And that’s the political affiliation the state as a whole leans towards.

Ironically, many would consider Texas to be a swing-state. However, as evidence is continuing to show, the state is becoming more and more Republican year after year.

According to The Hill:

Republicans control supermajorities in both the state House and Senate, every statewide elected office and the vast majority of the 5,000 or so local elected positions throughout the state.

Still, there are some hints, if only slight, that Texas represents new possibilities for a Democratic comeback.

Unfortunately, Of the millions of new residents pouring into the state, a little more than half come from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and other South and Central American countries. The rest largely come from California, Florida, New York and Illinois.

Democrats say this demographic change suggests the state has purple characteristics, if only people would go to the polls.

“We’re not a red state. We’re a low-turnout state,” said Rafael Anchia, a Democratic state representative from Dallas.

The Hill’s Changing America series, in which we examine the demographic and economic trends driving American politics today.

Texas was once a bastion of Yellow Dog Democrats, a state where Lyndon Johnson helped John F. Kennedy capture the presidency. But slowly, the state’s politics changed.

The East Texas counties that helped Kennedy beat Richard Nixon are now among the most solidly Republican in America. Fort Worth is one of the largest cities in America that consistently elects Republican leaders. Former Gov. George W. Bush’s election in 1994, when he beat popular Gov. Ann Richards, marked the beginning of what has so far been a three-decade-long drought for Democrats.

The story of Texas is one of growth: Across the state, new migrants are moving in so fast that simply building the infrastructure necessary to serve the population has become a policymaker’s greatest challenge.

Even at midday on a recent Friday, the stretch of Interstate 35 that connects Austin to San Antonio was jammed with pickup trucks and tractor trailers flying south at 75 miles per hour. A reporter had been warned to leave especially early. Traffic these days is always bad.

This drive through the rolling scrubland of Texas Hill County was once dotted with small oases of civilization. Today, most of the 80 or so miles between Texas’s two fastest-growing metropolitan areas are taken up by urban sprawl, as new developments wind ever farther into the most rapidly expanding counties in America.

Since Bush quit the governorship in 2000 to become president, San Antonio’s Bexar County has added half a million new residents. Travis County, where the red granite dome of the state capitol looms over downtown Austin, has added 350,000 new residents. Among the top six fastest-growing counties in America, three are suburbs of San Antonio or Austin.

“People have gone from a rural setting in Texas to a largely urban setting,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said in an interview, just moments after the reporter who had not heeded advice to leave Austin early showed up at his reelection kickoff in San Antonio.

Most of the state’s population lives in a triangle between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.

“The cities and the counties that are growing fast, they basically can’t build roads fast enough and can’t build schools fast enough and can’t build the infrastructure they need,” said Lloyd Potter, who heads the Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio and serves as the state’s official demographer.

About 86 percent of Texans live east of Interstate 35, Potter said. And about 80 percent of all Texas voters live in just 40 of the state’s 254 counties.

Many have come for the economic opportunity, which Abbott’s predecessor, Gov. Rick Perry (R), called the “Texas miracle.” Since Perry was sworn in, the state has added about 2.8 million jobs. Texas has added jobs every month since March 2009, even before the rest of the country hit the depths of the recession.

“The Texas miracle was not a cosmic accident,” said Jeff Moseley, the former head of economic development under Bush and Perry who now heads the Texas Association of Business.

Democrats believe the votes exist to make Texas a competitive state. Hundreds of thousands of people eligible to vote have not bothered to register. Millions more simply don’t show up on Election Day. A state court has found that hundreds of thousands who might vote do not have access to the ballot box because they lack the necessary identification under a strict voter ID law passed earlier this decade.

The pace of demographic change has given Democrats hope that they can compete once again. Hispanic voters turn out at markedly lower rates than blacks or whites; if those numbers increase, Democrats believe they have a chance to be competitive. Younger voters are aging into the electorate, and Democrats will spend millions registering and turning out older voters in the future.

“Much of [the Hispanic] growth is being driven by natural increase. That means they tend to have a younger population,” Potter said.

They point to the 2016 presidential race when, without the aid of any paid advertising, Hillary Clinton came closer to winning Texas, which she lost by nine percentage points, than she did to winning Iowa.

“The political awakening is happening now,” Anchia said. “We are now seeing in the mexican community a great deal of fear and loathing in the Trump/Abbott brand.”

           *** Due to being illegal, or family here illegally! ***

But at a time when Republicans like President Trump are alienating mexicans voters, Texas Republicans have made a concerted effort,  beginning with Bush, who won 44% of the mexicano vote when he sought reelection in 2004.

It was no accident that Abbott, after kicking off his campaign in his wife’s hometown of San Antonio, headed south for a swing through the heavily mexican Rio Grande Valley. In the four main counties that make up the valley, the Republican share of the vote has grown from about 32% in 2002 to 36% for Abbott in 2016.

“We spent time and money and resources down there, and statewide, courting mexican voters,” said David Carney, Abbott’s chief strategist. “You can’t expect people to support you if you don’t go out there and aggressively court their vote.”

Many demographers believe that the delaying increase in participation by voters (along with the pace of growth) will help Texas to become a swing state. And it’s likely this will make Texan Democrats extremely happy. If this happens, it can provide an excellent opportunity for a Democratic candidate to win the necessary electoral votes and to win the White House.

Unfortunately for Democrats, this change may be a long way off. For example, Governor Greg Abbot still does not have a strong Democrat opponent.

As of now, it may be a few years before Texas has a Democrat in the White House again.


House Minority Leader nancy pukelosi is anything but silent with her political opinions.
   While she typically takes her aim at conservatives, pukelosi has found a new target.
  pukelosi turned one surprising individual into a scapegoat of the Democratic Party.
  During an interview with Fox News, pukelosi made some incredibly pointed remarks about the state of the political left–and who was to blame for their fall from fame.
   pukelosi was quick to point out that while clinton lost her election, former resident barry obuma led the country for two terms, despite his many failed policies and lackluster leadership.
  The Daily Caller reported: 
House Minority Leader nancy pukelosi seemed to take an underhanded shot at the killary clinton 2016 presidential campaign Sunday, while defending the Democratic Party’s new message known as “a better deal.”
   “You call for higher wages, lower prescription drug costs, job training, infrastructure,” Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said to pukelosi. “I’m not saying any of that is wrong, what I am saying is none of it is new. We’ve been hearing it for years. We heard it from the Democrats and killary clinton in 2016 and you lost.”
  pukelosi didn’t disagree with Wallace, instead highlighting the fact that Congressional Democrats are in charge of the messaging for the first time since 2006 and that they, unlike clinton in 2016, won.
  “We’re going to hear it Democratic messaging with more clarity,” Pelosi explained. “For the first time since 2006, Congressional Democrats are in charge of the message. In ’06, we were in charge. We won.”
   “We had a democratic president in ’08,” pukelosi said. “Now it is our turn to win the Congress for the American people.”
  nancy pukelosi later turned the attention back onto herself, as she mentioned what we can only assume is a subtle campaign message.
  The Daily Caller continued:
  Wallace also asked her about critics who have said the Democratic leadership team is too old, and that fresh blood is needed.
  “Well let me just say this, self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody’s gotta do it,” pukelosi responded with a smile. “I’m a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree.”
   Both nancy pukelosi and killary clinton are simply symptomatic of a bigger problemthe Democrats and their unwavering stubbornness.
   If Democrats have any chance of winning, they need to realize they stopped serving the people long ago!


                               A Presidential Pardon for America’s Toughest Sheriff?

 A Presidential Pardon for America’s Toughest Sheriff?

1. "if an appeal does not result in justice for Arpaio, America’s Toughest President should seriously consider a pardon for America’s Toughest Sheriff." Absolutely pardon Sheriff Joe for doing his job and lock up obuma, holder and killary!!
2. obuma's targeting of Joe Arpaio is the absolute worst. Arpaio did the right thing standing strong and unwavering against illegal immigration. If all of law enforcement people had done the same, we would not be in this horrible mess with millions of illegals taking our jobs and responsible for the deaths of many innocent Americans, MS 13 gangs, human smuggling, etc. etc. Where are all the good people of Phoenix who for years supported and elected Joe? This is a terrible wrong that needs to be corrected. If repeal doesn't do it, Trump should!
3. Sessions should join Sheriff Joe's motion for a new trial, this time before a jury. If the judge grants the motion, Sessions should then move to dismiss all charges. If the judge refuses to grant Sheriff a Joe a fair trial by jury, then Sessions should file a brief before the Court of Appeals confessing the District Court's errors. It's time for Sessions to get up off his back side and do something.

The very least Trump should do is to pardon Arpaio, IMMEDIATELY! Don't wait for an appeal, there is no reason to make Arpaio go to the destructive cost of any further legal action, He was set up and a successful appeal is unlikely, as the Democrats have a lock on the judges. Sheriff Joe did what few men in authority would do, which is enforce the laws, and he didn't back down. He deserves the nation's highest award for his example of character. obuma got the Nobel Prize for doing nothing. C'mon, President Trump, let's see a lot of pardons come forth now, there are many patriots in prison, or already served their time, who are also deserving of pardons!


  Flashback: That Time A Black Democrat Pretty Much Proposed What Trump Wants To Do Regarding Immigration

The Left is freaking out over the Trump administration's latest proposal over immigration. It was pretty much captured in the explosive exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and senior Trump aide Stephen Miller in the White House pressroom last week.

Acosta was not pleased that the green card overhaul the Trump administration is trying to make is centered on language requirements and an emphasis on high skilled labor. Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) are leading the effort.

Called the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, it seeks to do the following:

-Establish a Skills-Based Points System. The RAISE Act would replace the current permanent employment-visa system with a skills-based points system, akin to the systems used by Canada and Australia. The system would prioritize those immigrants who are best positioned to succeed in the United States and expand the economy. Applicants earn points based on education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, age, record of extraordinary achievement, and entrepreneurial initiative.

-Prioritize Immediate Family Households. The RAISE Act would retain immigration preferences for the spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents while eliminating preferences for certain categories of extended and adult family members.

-Eliminate the Outdated Diversity Visa Lottery. The Diversity Lottery is plagued with fraud, advances no economic or humanitarian interest, and does not even promote diversity. The RAISE Act would eliminate the 50,000 visas arbitrarily allocated to this lottery.

-Place a Responsible Limit on Permanent Residency for Refugees. The RAISE Act would limit refugees offered permanent residency to 50,000 per year, in line with a 13-year average.


   Collapse: Pro-Minimum Wage Protests Evaporate Thanks To An Ironic Reason

The Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign appears to have collapsed.

The Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign appears to have collapsed. After tens of millions of dollars were pumped into it by labor unions, specifically the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the workers that this movement attempted to energize with the promise of higher wages are just not enthused anymore. In fact, what Seattle, which passed a phased-in $15/hour minimum wage law, has shown is that such wage increases led to fewer job opportunities, fewer hours worked, and less money to take home. It reduces wages earned. In New York, the results have been the same, fewer hours worked, less money taken home. Around 1,000 restaurants have closed due to the increased overhead costs of labor. Even USA Today’s editorial board noted that everyone should tread carefully concerning minimum wage hikes thanks to the results we’ve seen out of Seattle.

“If $15 is too much in Seattle, a booming and wealthy city whose region is home to the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, it is too much elsewhere,” they wrote.

Bill McMorris of The Washington Free Beacon has more:

The Fight for 15 movement garnered headlines nationwide with demonstrations calling for a $15 minimum wage, but those protests appeared to have petered out in 2017, just four years after its launch, according to a report.

The movement, which has received tens of millions of dollars from the politically influential Service Employees International Union (SEIU), staged protests in just 30 cities in 2017, down from more than 600 in 2016, according to an analysis from the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), a pro-market think tank that opposes minimum wage hikes.

Critics say that the decrease points to the lack of enthusiasm among actual employees at the fast food franchises where protesters amassed, as well as the astroturf nature of the campaign. EPI managing director Michael Saltsman said that the movement is "running out of steam" and contrasted the SEIU's investment in the movement to that of the United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) decision to spin off its effort to unionize Walmart in 2015.

Well, here’s to the death of Fight for $15, I guess. 

The market will set the wage via supply and demand once the illegals are gone. I am seeing reports of construction wages going up as illegals leave and find it harder to find work due to employers beginning to read the tea leaves and using E verify. Slow and steady is the way forward. 


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