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In the head long adjustment to Make America Great Again (MAGA) = there maybe a small "Fallout" that is potentially a massive issue. 

As the call for NATO members to look at paying more for US security, tensions in some EU countries are beginning to rise. 

As an Example = for the first time in Seven Years, Sweden has called for an Emergency call up of ALL youth 18 to 24 year old's to enter Compulsory Conscription. 

"The threat of the U.S. no longer wanting to honor its security guarantees is the most important development in the history of the alliance,” said Henrik Breitenbauch, the director of the Center for Military Studies in Copenhagen. “It has created high levels of concern all over Europe" 

"With Russia’s annexation of Crimea three years ago and the Russian support for the insurgency in Ukraine as of last year, Swedish military spending increased to 11 percent of GDP 

"The reactivating of conscription is needed for military readiness.”

Gotland, which serves as something of a forward defense for the Swedish mainland, 55 miles to the west, was already remilitarized" 

"Strategically located in the Baltic Sea, the island is not far from the heavily militarized Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland. “We see a lot of activity in the Baltics and a lot of training, provocative flights and military exercise going on in our neighborhood,” said Marinette Radebo, a spokeswoman for the Defense Ministry"


The change has been sudden.

Pfc. Emil Kling, a member of the Wartofta tank company who is now on Gotland, said he had thought he was signing on for something completely different when he joined the armed forces. “If anyone had said three years ago that I’d be in Gotland now, I wouldn’t have believed them,” he said. “Things have changed fast" 

"Just inside the walls’ South Gate, Birgitta Stenstrom runs a quiet book cafe. She is not convinced that the tanks south of town are the right answer to the threats against Gotland, and to Sweden" 


The authorities say there may be reason to be concerned. In the last nine months of 2016, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency received 200 reports of cyberattacks on public infrastructure, 60 of them serious incidents leading to technical failures or the installation of viruses.

In the Journal of Strategic Studies, Martin Kragh recently published a study on Russia’s “active measures” toward Sweden, meaning the use of forged documents, disinformation, military threats and agents of influence" 



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Looks like this Issue is Escalating 

"France, Denmark, Italy and other allies are expected to join the four battle groups led by the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada to go to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, with forces ranging from armoured infantry to drones" 

"Britain is sending tanks, drones and 800 troops to Estonia as part of the biggest military build-up on Russia‘s borders since the Cold War – after the Kremlin completed a nuclear drill for 40 million people" 

See = http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=141635 

"Orban's historic speech puts Hungary on war footing 

See = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbINrdyAXlE 

PLUS This -; 

"Preparation for war, not defense against Russia’ – German peace activist on NATO op in Europe 

Over 3-thousand American soldiers and hundreds of military vehicles have started arriving in Poland for NATO war games The exercises, part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, are the largest in Europe in decades.

Reiner Braun, a representative for Germany's peace movement, says it's not Russia but NATO countries that have been pursuing an aggressive policy for years

See = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8GYbM4ewck 

More to Come ----- 


I havent heard about any of this Frank.>oops! I mean Terry!


"US Defence Secretary criticises Russian build-up near Baltic states


US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Wednesday (10 May) that a Russian missile deployment near the Baltic states was “destabilising”, and officials suggested the United States could deploy a Patriot missile battery in the region for NATO exercises in the summer.

US allies are jittery ahead of war games by Russia and Belarus in September that could involve up to 100,000 troops and include nuclear weapons training – the biggest such exercise since 2013.

The drills could see Russian troops near the borders of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Russia has also deployed Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, its enclave on the Baltic Sea. It said the deployment was part of routine drills, but US officials worry that it may represent a permanent upgrade" 


MORE = http://www.euractiv.com/section/global-europe/news/us-defence-secre... 




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