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The topic here is "Are all Muslims to be considered as dangerous?" To answer that question we 1st need to figure out what a Muslim is and who amongst them are followers of the Quran because the Quran followers are the ones who believe in this Sharia law we have been hearing about lately. Questions to get this discussion rolling might be->
1-> Are Buddhists Muslims and what is their holy book?
2-> What about the Hindu religion? Is it also based on world domination and Sharia law?

I am sure we can come up with many more questions to talk about in this discussion so have at it! 

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I can answer the two questions. No such thing as a Buddhist Muslim and Hindu's hate Muslims as much as Muslims hate Hindu's. Look at province in India/Pakistan that they have been fighting over for the past 1400 years or so.
Have they been fighting over religion or territory?
Both. You would know that if you paid any attention to the news over the past 20 years.
I think it's been for the last sixty years; since the formation of the nation of Pakistan by the UN after WWII. Both country's claim Kashmir as their own - territory, not religion. I don't say they are not in religious conflict, but I would venture to say that the crux of the conflict began with the dispute over the territory. Though I could be wrong.
Brilliantly written. I've tried so many times to describe what I've seen with regard to Muslims I've met over the years. I could never get the seriousness of it across to others, this has done it perfectly. Thanks for posting.
Kaye says all Muslims follow the Quran so by my logic I would trust no Muslim.

Everyone tells me that Buddhists and Hindus do not associate themselves with the Quran so should I trust the Buddhist and the Hindu or is there something about their religion that is objectionable as well? What is considered to be their holy book?
Buddhists follow the 3 buddha's, one or all, Confuscious, Sun Tzu, and the first Jade Emperor. They have no connection to the Quran, except that they think that certain parts of it have moral validity. Hindu despise Muslims and the Quran. They worship Kali, and it from them that Sihks come from. Neither Buddhist nor Hindu follow Sharia Law and in India the practice of Sharia is prohibitted. Certain east asia countries are predominately Muslim due to oil trade and such in this century, but you can't mix those three religions.
I recall the old movie-> Gunga Din with Cary Grant. That may have been around before your time Brutus but I have seen it recently. I can recall the chanting of "Kali" in the movie so the religion depicted in the movie was Hindu but I believe it was the Sikhs faction chanting Kali. I had thought that the Sikhs were Muslim so I guess I was wrong because you say they evolved out of the Hindu religion?
yeah they are a mix of Hinduism and early Tibet/Nepal pantheism. Exactly what that mix is I am not sure.
Well, according to the Bible, the tower of Babel is where mankind split up according to their various languages and left each other behind. Babylon was in Iraq, and Abraham was from the land of Uz, which is somewhere on the eastern side of Babylon. Modern archiologists have suggested that it was around the same area that the Aryan tribes lived in before they moved to Europe, but there is no real proof of that. The three wise men were from roughly the same area of the world, so it is conceivable that there were travelers from India visiting the Middle east. There are no real mountain ranges cutting India off from the Middle East like there are with China and the Far East.
Doesn't the KKK say they follow Christ, and say the Bible is their Holy book?
Just search the KKK official website, it's right there. Please don't get me wrong Veronica. I am no friend of the KKK, (they are a hate group). I also think Islam is a false religion. I just think that we, as Americans, need to draw the distinction between a religion as a whole and its various sects. Yes, it was the Roman Catholics that were involved in the Crusades, (a sect of Christianity, though the only one at the time). By the same token, (and I don't know if this is true or not), can we say that all Muslim sects believe the same as the terrorists of 911, or those militants of today? I don't know. I only know that if my neighbor is a Muslim I will not do anything against him without a cause. If my neighbor is a kkk member I will strive to live at peace with him, though I dare say he would not live at peace with me.


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