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We are the Tea Partiers, the 912ers, the Freshman Fifty, the Patriots, the Gun Rights, the Oath Keepers, the Christians, The NRA, the NGOA, etc, etc, etc., and all of us are true CITIZENS of America. We believe that the Founding Principles of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and all of America’s other honored traditions are in danger of being lost and WE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT.

We will not be ruled. We will not be usurped. WE are sovereign individuals and demand our rights which are our freedoms from tyrannical government. We speak in many voices, each singing our own part of the chorus, and each following our own melody. We are all united in a single song of praise to the greatest Nation in the history of Man and we will not allow any substitutes.

To accomplish our missions we must find a way to a common theme that no one can misinterpret, that no enemy can ignore. We must awaken the citizens who are still on the sidelines, wondering what we are saying. They are finally alert and paying attention so now we must speak clearly with a voice that they can understand without confusion and agree to join for the good of all of our children. We are the Traditional Americans.

We are what we once were. We have our families which we cherish, our rights to our own choices, free of interference from the rule of others we disagree with and fierce in our stance in defense of our God given rights. We see the agenda of the communists and globalists, blatantly displayed for the first time, and we stand in full opposition to it.

AND ….. we outnumber them. Our weapons are Truth and Honest Action. We are the Traditional Americans that free men and those who want to be free admire and appeal to when they are threatened with tyrants. We will defeat our own would be tyrants beginning now. STAND TOGETHER! WE will NOT be RULED !! We ARE the Traditional Americans !

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I firmly believe that, though TPO and TAM are on the same mission, we should develop both sites separately and yet coordinate to enhance each other.  I do NOT suggest that any type of consolidation should take place.


It is tempting to attempt to become "the one".  It also seems very efficient (if you ignore the individuality of members in this movement) but actually is a weakness and flies in the face of our own innate aversion to claims of leadership.  

Let's respect everyone in this awakening movement and let them decide where to talk, just as they already have by joining local groups .  I think that both TPO and my site are offering a unique neutral ground for everyone to talk in.  Let them decide and we will try to help each other.



Fred-- My idea is to not combine the 2 sites but to have a central hub from which events and polling vs TP opinions on the issues and important call to action things can be rapidly sent to all links AND those individuals that shy away from joining a TP group. They can just request that they be emailed and in that manner they can begin to become informed as to the truth of hot topic issues of the day because I envision educating about the truth thru the hub U C! Step 1 is to contact and link to as many small and medium size TP oriented groups as we can muster and build from that perspective. I wouldn't envision ( I am still thinking about that actually) a forum for the hub but a comments and suggestion box would probably be a good idea. My primary objective being to educate the public vs what the TP opinions vs the issues really are to include the preferred fix whenever possible.

The interactive calendar we are finishing testing right now will serve that purpose.  Events can be shared from any source.  Access will be open to all linked groups or individuals.  We'll keep sharing.


The tests we are completing are very important because anything like this must be totally secure from any interference from the enemies on the other side of this fight.

OK Fred--- Just remember we want to link to as many sites as is possible and it DN matter if it is walmart or a TP site because we need to be found via search for the key words tea party. The more links there are on sites that point to 1 site the more likely one can attain pg 1 ranking via search. That is why the hub should be connected to all sites and all sites connected to the hub are interconnected thru the hub. <-THAT gets one pg 1 ranking. IE--TAM and TPO are linked to the hub but not each other. Search engine ranking for the hub is higher. Link 100 sites to the hub that have tea party in the individual site keywords and the hub ranking is greatly improved but the 100 individual sites are low on the ranking list.-- Linking thru a hub in the key to rank.

We know that.  We also have the possibility of more than one "hub", each having links to as many groups as possible.  The idea is to concentrate on growing the strength of the movement not just one site more than others. 

The hubs have specialized focus within the main mission and that is to allow free communication and coordination among all of the people in the movement.

Let everyone decide which hub they are comfortable with and link the hubs.  The movement as a whole will benefit. 

That would be good if you had 50 State hubs under the master hub if you can pull it off.

We already do on our site.  They are all linked to the calendar that will be activated very soon.  The key is to fill every state group with as many in state groups as possible with their links.



Will the calendar ever show up on pg 1 if someone searches tea party?



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