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Mickie's Gifts (8)

2alb2nde7c39x At 10:57pm on January 31, 2012, 2alb2nde7c39x gave Mickie a gift
At 2:23am on October 14, 2011, Tom gave Mickie a gift
At 11:33am on September 03, 2011, Katie Baker gave Mickie a gift
I am new to this site and would like to make friends with other Tea Party Organizers to help restore America to the greatness she once was. Please request to be friends so we can share information.
At 8:24pm on January 21, 2011, China Montgomery gave Mickie a gift
At 3:03am on December 06, 2010, Osher Doctorow Ph.D. gave Mickie a gift
It's great, and thanks! Osher Doctorow
Kaye Woodward At 8:13pm on November 12, 2010, Kaye Woodward gave Mickie a gift
Hi Mickie ! We've missed you a lot. It's just not the same around here without you. :-)
At 4:37pm on October 20, 2010, John R. Caratti gave Mickie a gift
Hey Mickie, glad to meet you. I joined Ray1547's group about a year ago. Ray, a former Viet Nam Marine and I, a retired Marine in North Carolina. Thank you.
At 12:30am on September 17, 2010, BullHeaded Texan gave Mickie a gift

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