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I hate to say this, but we are in another fight for our freedoms and protecting the Second Amendment. Help put heat on Senators while they’re home on recess!  We won a tremendous victory two weeks ago. And the press had all but written off President Obama as having been dealt a major, crushing blow. But now, the Left is relentlessly hammering those Senators who voted right. They are running ads in their states. Their minions are writing letters to the editor. They are using their platform in the media to relentlessly hammer those who voted for freedom.

And while all this is happening, look at what the New York Times reported on Thursday: “Talks to revive gun control legislation are quietly under way on Capitol Hill as a bipartisan group of senators seeks a way to bridge the differences that led to last week’s collapse ... to overhaul the country’s gun laws.” ACTION: Congress is out of session this week. So please make sure that you visit your Senators when they are home  go to their town hall meetings ... call their local district offices ... write letters to the editor ... send faxes to their Washington and Local offices.... send postcards to their Washington and Local offices....  Why to both the Washington and Local offices; because they will be hit with the double Protest both here and when they get back to their offices....do everything you can to make your voice heard. We did it last time, and we must do it again and again if necessary because they will not give up on trying to enslave us.

Thank those who voted right. Rebuke those who voted wrong. You can see how your Senators voted by going here  http://capwiz.com/gunowners/issues/votes/

Don't forget to keep an eye on the House bills too, they will try to slip one past us there. Rally the troops for another fight.

Just like last time, let them know politely, if they vote for any Gun Control Measures, they are signing their Resignations.


Senator,__________ and Senator,____________;
I know you have Sen. Reid and President Obama along with many in the Progressive Anti-Gun faction, pushing you to change your vote for the gun control bill S.649 or others like it. Remember that you work for the people who elected you, and not for the Central Government leaders. This is still a Republic with Democratic Principles, so I am instructing you to support the letter of Constitutional Law and vote this travesty of a bill down and all others like it,and to resist the arm twisting and promises from the Administration. Vote all gun Control Bills down when Sen. Reid brings it/them to the floor. In actuality the voting public does not want this or any other misbegotten and poorly written piece of legislation to pass, and the 90% cited approval cited by the Administration is a false figure. The reasons to reject all existing gun control bills is; there are there are no built in controls or standards that limit what can become dictatorial powers for the enforcement agencies. We believe the existing laws are adequate to address the problems if only they were rigorously enforced. We also need to let you know that the voting public will be watching you under a microscope on the coming S.649 and other bills of this nature including S.792 vote, and any new amendments added to it, whenever it is brought back. As the bill is written, all we see is a vehicle that can and probably will be misused, and will not do anything positive to make our schools safer. The Senators who believe in the meaning of the Constitution will find the voting public friendly towards them in their next reelection bid, and those who wish to impose a party line agenda will find their support evaporated.
(Your Name and contact information here)
The Senate is trying to pass poorly written Gun Control Legislation which actually only infringes on Voting Americans Second Amendment Rights. We know there has been a lot of pressure and arm twisting and promises put on you by the Obama Administration, and the Progressive Anti-Gun faction. We also are aware of the multiple Gun Control Bills in the House. Let us remind you that you work for us, and not for them. You work for the people who voted you into office. Therefore I/We the voting public instruct you to vote down any and all gun control legislation coming out of the Senate, or originating in the House. Nothing we have seen, has proper/specific Constitutional Guidelines or proper/specific Constitutional checks and balances incorporated within them. Therefore I/We instruct you to vote against any such legislation on gun control that is lacking Clear and Proper/Specific guidelines and checks and balances to prevent an overzealous interpretation of enforcement either deliberate or accidental from the Agencies charged with the enforcement. When in doubt, vote against all gun control legislation no matter what the origin. Both you and your fellow Representatives in the House will find the voting public friendly in the next election for those Representatives who hold the Constitutional Rights as a sacred trust, and those who wish to vote against those rights and pursue a party line agenda will find their support evaporated. Vote wisely, the voting public will be watching all Representatives votes under a microscope.
(Your name and contact information here) 
While we do have a week, this is just as critical as the last time, and even more so due to the ennui that has already set in with some of the people who backed this type of play, and that's what the Progressive Disarmament Faction wants to happen!!!

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Yes, we have to keep up the good work that is for sure.  They will put it in any bill and our guys need to read all the bills.  It is sad that we have to do that and have such dishonesty in our Congress

Mickie, we can all keep track of the various bills that are in the senate and the house by setting up an account on http://www.govtrack.us/  and typing in the bills we want to track. the site informs us on every bill what the latest things are happening on it via E-mail reports. It's a good way to plug in all the bills we are fighting or rooting for and get updates at every step of the way.

Is there anyway we can put that up here so people can use it to check on bills?  I am not good on the computer but think it would be good to do.  Thanks for the info and if you think of a way let me know.

Mickie, all you have to do is to go to the site and register like you do when joining TPO. that sets up an account and you only plug in the bills you want to follow. You can get the bill numbers from the Clerk of the house site, or Thomas.gov.

OK, thank you McFixit1, will do that.


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