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August 2013 Blog Posts (23)

Sending us to war with a country we're NOT at war with...at least NOT yet

Having shot his big mouth off one too many times about ‘red lines’ now Obama has to save face and put up or shut up…and so he is sending America to war but NOT for the reasons he claims he’s doing that for.

Saying he’s NOT only concerned about the rising death toll in…


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Obama says Assad did it... Putin says the rebels did it...I believe Putin

The infamous ‘red line’…Obama now squawks, for the cameras of course, that the ‘red line’ has been crossed in Syria, saying there is “very little doubt that Assad used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians”.

But Putin says the rebels were the ones who used said chemical weapons against their fellow countrymen NOT Assad.

I believe Putin.

And now that the Pentagon has sent four warships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles (up to 90 per ship) to the region, and…


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Obama, al-Qaeda, and the Syrian rebels...one and the same...throw Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey in for good measure

As Obama and his minions continue to blame Bashar al-Assad for the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, a few days ago on Facebook I posted a short statement as to what I believed to be the truth in regards to the gassing of those civilians. I stated it was my opinion that the Syrian rebels,…


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Fast track Hasan to his 72 virgins and be done with it

Justice of sorts comes four years later yet justice has NOT been fully served for the Purple Hearts that should rightly be given to the victims and survivors of the Fort Hood Massacre are still being denied them, because Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to say that the carnage of that day is NOTHING but ‘workplace violence’.

And so after numerous trial delays, finally yesterday, fourteen months after the first scheduled trial start date, the self-proclaimed ‘soldier of…


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Senseless black on white crime...and NO outrage from 'supposed' black leaders

Because they were bored…22-year-old Chris Lane, here in the US from Australia on a baseball scholarship, was visiting his girlfriend in Oklahoma. Last Friday, out on a jog in the wee hours of the morning and minding his own business, Lane was shot dead from behind by two black teenagers (the third teen was an accessory to murder after the fact) for NO other reason than they were bored…bored to the point where killing an innocent white man became a thrill with NO remorse felt…


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The knife is plunged into Israel's back...again

Well…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy yet again as this time he’s giving another $148 million of our taxpayer dollars to what he…

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Egypt at a crossroads and Obama abandons the call for freedom

While White House spokesman Josh Earnest continues to publicly deny that the US has cut off aid to Egypt, the office of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the head of the Appropriations State and Foreign-Operations Subcommittee, claims that military aid to Egypt has indeed been temporarily cut off as the State Department admits that our government still has NOT delivered $585 million in Egyptian aid, about half of the total promised $1.5 billion aid package, for the fiscal year ending on…


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Facebook Blackout Day...conservative voices standing strong

Enforcing set rules in an arbitrary fashion is referred to as ‘selective enforcement’ and the Facebook gods are probably more guilty of this action than anyone else on the internet. With ‘selective enforcement’ being recognized as a sign of tyranny…an abuse of power…because it allows certain ‘select’ people to adjudicate so-called justice only when they so choose and to whom they so choose, the Facebook gods have now elevated ‘selective enforcement’ to an art form.



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This administration must do right by those who keep us safe and free

While right now most are focused on the turn of events in Egypt and how they will affect the entire Middle East region, there is an event going on right here at home that must NEVER be forgotten...the plight of our veterans and our troops as they return home…a plight made worse under the Obama administration.

Every year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Barack HUSSEIN Obama makes oh so nice phony speeches for his photo-op library, but photo-ops do NOT a veterans crusader make.…


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Targeting Coptic Christians…and NO outrage from the man who claims he’s Christian

Sadly, the violence continues as the chaos that is war is upon Egypt.

And the chaos erupted after Friday prayers as the battle began…a battle heralded in with the sound of AK-47s…a battle between the Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood supporters vs. government security forces.

And with that, the Muslim Brotherhood launched its so-called ‘Day of Rage’ (now stretched into a ‘Week of Rage’) as their answer to the government shutdown and destruction of their sit-in protest…


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Some should NOT walk amongst civilized men

Egyptian Coptic Christians have become collateral damage…NO…they are being targeted for elimination…as secular Egyptian security forces battle supporters of ousted Muslim Brotherhood ‘puppet’ President Mohamed Morsi.

For days now, Christians churches have been under attack as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to turn Egypt into an islamic authoritarian state where sharia is the law of the land and islam must be practiced by all...practiced by all as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to…


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Egypt alone will decide its fate

So now it seems that things aren’t going too well in Egypt as Cairo descends into chaos…as Egypt is on the verge of becoming a failed state…and Obama and his outward support for the Muslim Brotherhood built this.

Today, the Egyptian military rulers declared a month-long state of…


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Benghazi comes back to haunt...and rightly so

The Obama so-called ‘phony scandal’ known as Benghazi keeps getting more and more interesting, as it now seems that 400 surface-to-air missiles were “diverted to Libya” during the attack and fell into the hands of “some very ugly people,” according to one of the lawyers representing one of the Benghazi whistleblowers.

400 surface-to-air missiles gone ‘missing’…NOT good folks as we now know that Obama had 35 armed CIA operatives in Benghazi that fateful night, and that they…


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Crying wolf for the most devious of motives

Ramadan...meaning 'Scorched Earth'...began on July 8th and ended on August 4th, the so-called 'Night of Power' (Laylet al-Qadr)...the 'Night of Revelation'...the 'Night of Destiny'...when the first verses of the (vile) qur'an were revealed to mohamed...or so the muslims claim.…

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A yawn of a press conference by a bloviating yawn of a man

From the man who thinks that Charlotte NC, Savannah GA, and Jackson FL are on the Gulf Coast came a press conference that was one BIG yawn of bloviated rhetoric from start to finish.

A BIG yawn when press conferences are supposed to be Q&A’s NOT Obama talking in circles saying NOTHING as he runs the clock down…and so it began…here are some of the highlights…lowlights actually…

“America is not interested in spying on ordinary people,” Obama said. But…but…didn’t he…


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C.O.N.G.R.E.S.S...hypocrisy personified

In a decision by the Office of Personnel Management and pushed for and Ok’d by the ‘anointed one’ himself, the 535 members of the Senate and House along with thousands of government agency staff will NOT lose the federal contribution toward their health insurance they currently receive.

Oh the hypocrisy of it all as what’s good for the goose (‘We the People’) is most assuredly NOT good for the gander (the do-nothings in Congress).

When Congress passed the dreaded…


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Guilty as charged...NO trial needed

And the joke that is the Obama administration continues to be perpetrated on ‘We the People’…

Case in point is the just underway but called to an abrupt halt after only one day Fort Hood Massacre trial…a court-martial actually for the man charged was and still technically is an Army Major (who is receiving his military salary which as of now stands at $300+ thousand). And what a farce of a trial this is as it’s based on a charge of ‘workplace violence’…which we all know it was…


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Another manufactured crisis to divert us from Benghazi

Last week it was reveled that intelligence from conversations between Ayman al Zawahiri (the head of al-Qaeda in Pakistan) and Nasser al Wuhayshi (the head of al-Qaeda in Yemen), discovered that plans were in the works to carry out an attack or attacks on American interests in the Middle East as early as last Sunday…and the NSA intercepted it all.

Well, well… how convenient…we knew it would be just matter of time before Obama and his minions claimed that NSA spying saved us…


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Doing business with the enemy...with our taxpayer dollars

Barack HUSSEIN Obama ‘s treachery is beyond anything my mere words can convey as his hatred for this country becomes more obvious with each passing day…with each passing action.

I mean here we are engaged in a war with islam…and YES we are indeed at war with islam along with their military operatives al-Qaeda and the Taliban…so what does Obama have our military doing…this miserable excuse of a president has our military awarding contracts to al-Qaeda and Taliban supporters…and…


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A Birthday Wish Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President (with much sarcasm intended),

Your White House spokespeople claim the newest al-Qaeda threats, “Exceeds anything witnessed in the past decade.”

Specific things coming from specific people…saying something may or may NOT happen…intel chatter updated constantly…or so your people say.

And all this coming to a head on your birthday…who’d have thunk it. By the way, Happy Birthday Mr. President…hope you have a good one knowing that because of your…


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