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The Progressive methodology---My perspective of 1 aspect

Understand 1st that this is a post I did at CNN/FB (Lib Central as far as I am concerned--lol) so the language used
is NOT directed at anyone here at TPO!!
Economic power IS equivalent to political power!--- Ask George Soros!

Wealth is NOT a finite pie BUT the pie is 100% as it relates to any given year
passed. <--As in historical! NOT as in "past" although I could have
used past had I structured the sentence differently but I am thinking
some of you would not comprehend either so I will leave it to you to
try to figure it out.

Try to understand that the top 1% doubling their share of the 100% pie from 12% to 24% while the lower 80% loses
12% going from 48% of the pie to 36% of the pie is a transferal of the
available wealth TO the top 1% from the lower 80%. <--THAT is the
objective of the progressive!-> Control the wealth in a manner that
funnels that wealth to the upper echelons so as to subjugate the masses
by making them dependent on the Govt dole which THEY control via the
Lobbyist. Obama is a Progressive and George Soros is a visitor to the
White House so go figure!---Nuff said
Here is the Table 6 I am alluding to via the tutorial above, I have
"guesstimated" slightly the % to project to today as this table goes
only to 2006!--How time flies!--lol
Table 6: Distribution of income in the United States, 1982-2006

Top 1 percent Next 19 percent Bottom 80 percent
1982 12.8% 39.1% 48.1%
1988 16.6% 38.9% 44.5%
1991 15.7% 40.7% 43.7%
1994 14.4% 40.8% 44.9%
1997 16.6% 39.6% 43.8%
2000 20.0% 38.7% 41.4%
2003 17.0% 40.8% 42.2%
2006 21.3% 40.1% 38.6%

From Wolff (2010).

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